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Manook has experience in the music business dating back to 1989 with various projects, but his influence began to be felt nationally in 1992 as a member of the creative team behind Tupac Shakur’s album, “Strictly For My Niggas”, helping to develop multiplatinum hits such as, “I get around” and “Poppas Song.” He also collaborated with Thug Life on “How Long Will They Morn Me?” and “Cradle To The Grave” off of their self-titled LP. Some other projects Manook has lent his creativity insight include, “Dear Momma” and “Can’t Get Away” off of, “Me Against The World” LP, “Picture Me Rollin” and “All Eyes On Me” off of the multiplatinum, “All Eyes On ME” LP, as well as contributions to the, “Above The Rim” soundtrack and several not yet released projects with Tupac. Manook has also produced projects with Villa Capone, “Sins Of Our Father- A Bandits Story.” Young Jokers “Something Major” With all of this under his belt, he has many plans and projects in line for the upcoming year, including a Nookie Inc production called “Signed To Guantanamo Bay”

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